American Yearbook 2000


  • American Yearbook - Thirty Years After.

Looking Through the Pages of American Yearbook

  • M.A.VlasovaDemocrats and Whigs: A Quantitative Analysis. (AY, 1989).
  • B.M. ShpotovWas There Industrial Revolution in American South and West? An Attempt to Formulate a Problem. (AY, 1990).
  • Jack P. Green (The Johns Hopkins University)The Origins of American Constitutionalism. (AY, 1991).
  • D.B. Rutman ( Univ. of Florida)Myth, Moralities and Megatheories as Problems in Synthesis: The Example of the Pre-Civil War American South. (AY, 1992).

Document Publications

  • M.S.AlperovichThe Prelude to the Nootka Sound Crisis, 1789-1790. (AY, 1995).

Academic Events

  • Bolkhovitinov N.N.In the Archives and Libraries of the U.S.A.: Discoveries, Meetings, Impressions. (AY, 1971).


  • E.V.GalkinaMain Trends of Protestant Denominations’ Development in Colonial America.
  • M.A. Filimonova.The Formation of the National-Interest Theory in Hamiltons Thought.
  • V.I. Zhuravleva“New” Jewish Immigrants and the American Society at the End of the 19-th - Beginning of the 20-th Centuries.
  • O.V. BalandinaThe Problem of the Social Adaptation of the Russian Emigration into the USA 1917-1930
  • V.V. RomanovThe Origins of Woodrow Wilsons Foreign Policy Philosophy.
  • M.A. PetrukhinaOn Cultural Values of an Average Middle Class American Through the Prism of John Updikes Tetrology about Rabbit.

History of Russian America

  • K.G. Soloveva, A.A. VovniankoJames Shieldss Activities in Russian America at the End of 18-th Century.
  • A.N. ErmolaevThe Provisional Committee and Special Council of The Russian-American Company: Controlling or Consulting Organizations, 1804-1844?


  • Yu.G. AkimovFoundation of Nova Scotia Colony and Anglo-French Rivalry in the North America, 1621-1632s.
  • V.A.KolenekoExpectations and Illusions of Two Northern Civilizations: Beginning of the Russian-Canadian Relations, 1900-1917.


  • Give me some information about Canada. The Second Dialogue between Marechal de Saxe and baron de Dieskau on the Champs Elysées (Introduction, compilation, translation and comments by Iu.G. Akimov).


  • The Meeting on Frontiers. Conference in Fairbanks (Alaska), May 17-19, 2001.(N.N. Bolkhovitinov)
  • Contents of American Yearbook for 30 Years.


  • Russian Publications of the U.S. and Canadian History (2000 – 2001)